Not a huge amount has changed since the last update, the main thing is probably that insobot now has a twitter account.

As I mentioned back then, I wanted to add some more parsing logic to the schedule-website-updating-via-twitter thing. While doing that I thought it would be nice if the bot acknowledged when it had found a schedule with a reply tweet, so that's now what it does. I'm using @ChronalDragon's ~twc for this, which made things a lot easier than if I were handling twitter's Oauth signature nightmare myself.

The parsing improvements mean it can now pick up cancellations and reschedules, although it still relies on the bulk hmh style format for adding them. If you announce streams via twitter and want the bot to push them to the site, let me know so I can add parsing code & your account to the config file.

In the past, @d7samurai and others have mentioned that I should put the markov stuff on twitter, so that's definitely a potential fun thing to do now that more of the infrastructure is in place. I'm not sure how much functionality I want to put on twitter though considering the project was first and foremost an IRC bot.

Another recent occurance is that I've started using GitHub's issue system on the insobot repo to record some potential improvements. As well as helping me keep track of stuff, they allow anyone to comment on or thumbs-up/down ideas they like/dislike, and provide a good starting point for anyone wanting to contribute.

Finally, I added a few things to the module API to allow handling of unknown IRC events, and generating synthetic events. These allow mod_twitch_whisper to handle translating Twitch's whispers into private messages that the bot understands, and is a start towards improving mod_help to work via PMs as was suggested on the last update.

I'm thinking each module will expose a help string per command in a similar way to how the commands are currently defined, then mod_help can provide listing / searching of them via PMs.

Hopefully I'll have that in for next month, and maybe some of the ideas in the issues too.