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Feature Request: Polls
We occasionally take polls during streams - notably @jon's - but that currently depends on someone trawling over to some external site first to make the poll, and then everyone else following suit to place their vote on it. I think it'd be cool if insobot could administer polls himself, allowing someone to create the poll, everyone to place their vote, and then himself to display the results right in the chat.

Bonus functionality:
  1. Poll expiry time, at which time insobot may auto-announce the result
  2. Multiple concurrent polls, identifiable by an ID (tautologous much?)
  3. Polls history, most probably /query'd to the invoker or viewable on a webpage, to avoid spamming the chat
  4. A fancy little image graphing the result, probably generated using ImageMagick's MagickWand or (more powerfully) MagickCore API
Alex Baines
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Feature Request: Polls
Thanks for the great idea, Miblo.
I've now implemented a preliminary version of this here.

You can create a poll with:
!poll+ some question? option one | option 2 | another option | etc

Close a poll with:
!poll- [id]

(if id isn't given, it does the most recent poll for the channel)

List polls with:
!poll [id]

And vote with:
!vote [#id] N

where N corresponds to the option's index.

I haven't yet done saving the poll data, automatic expiry, private messaging or a webpage, though those can be added later down the line.

Jeremiah Goerdt
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Feature Request: Polls
Jeez, you work fast. That's a really cool feature.